MediumFour offers impactful solutions with the usage of marketing and design consulting to assist our clients to develop visual and mental representation of their products, services and innovation. The impossible are silver linings of opportunities. Becoming an inhouse marketing and strategic development team for our client’s businesses. #ideationconsulting


Business Development + Exponential Market Strategies + Growth + Ideation + Product & Service Development


Concept + Branding + Swag + Collateral + Billboard + Direct Mail + Magazines & Publications

Marketing Energy

Strategic Plan Development + Targeted Outreach + Web Marketing + SEO + Social Media + Copywriting & Content Development

Interactive Media

Website Development + CMS + Email Campaigns + E-commerce + Mobile Application User Interface (UI) + Mobile Apps + E-marketing + Video

We believe the brand of the world is constantly changing and diversity extends beyond race but also culture. We inspire to become the largest minority owned consulting agency in the southeast region of the United States. Being able to understand the complexity of brand development along with culture will allow our team to assist clients to grow to optimal levels financial success. The beauty of a dream are the visuals – create memorable brands and designs. The canvas is imagination- concentrate on clients that seek innovation. The paint is MediumFour – be free flowing, vibrant and adaptive. The masterpiece our clients – the only way we grow are the results of our clients success. #DreamInColor

Trust, Forward, Thinking |||| MediumFour


Your brand is your voice. We’ll help you tailor the method that meets your business goals.

01. Idea

You come to us with an idea. We listen.  You become our client. That simple!

02. Create

We create your idea. (Logo, Website, App, Collateral Material.) Amazing. Right?

03. Develop

We develop strategies to help brand your idea to the world. Look at you now!

04. Results

Your idea becomes visible and that translates to sales, money! Then, repeat!



We are a fun mix of designers and strategists with a great passion for all things creative. We love what we do, it’s a way of life.

Dante’ D. Fillyau

Chief of Design & Webmaster It may be unconventional, but a love for math and an engineering background has allowed Dante to blend art, design and technology in the work he produces. With over ten years’ experience in both magazine and agency work, he is proficient in developing creative approaches that align with clients’ strategic direction and communication strategies. Dante prides himself of being able to look behind the idea to create something different for our clients.

Michael W. Hall

Chief of Ideation & Marketing Michael views graphic design as a digital way to do something he loves, creating art. Having developed the process of incorporating brand psychology into the work he produces, he believes work that is considered good is below par. Always striving to achieve greatness, Michael works endlessly for our clients and their dreams. With over 13 years of experience working in all areas of the industry, from corporate to agency to nonprofit, magazines and printing, it is no surprise that Michael has been recognized among the Who’s Who of South Florida.

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Today, modern web designers have countless tools and tricks at their disposal to make a website look great. Design features such as parallax scrolling, ambient video, and interactive animation have arguably made for a more exciting and creative web. (more…)

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If you’re planning a redesign of your website or looking to build a website from scratch, deciding which website agency is right for your business can seem like a difficult decision. (more…)

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6 Ways to Engage More Authentically on Social Media
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Have you ever been at a cocktail party and encountered a person that only talks about themselves? While you do in fact learn a lot about them, you don’t make a connection, automatically trust them, or find reasons to connect with them again. It’s the same situation on social media. (more…)

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