About Us


We believe the brand of the world is constantly changing and diversity extends beyond race but also culture. We inspire to become the largest minority owned consulting agency in the southeast region of the United States. Being able to understand the complexity of brand development along with culture will allow our team to assist clients to grow to optimal levels financial success. The beauty of a dream are the visuals – create memorable brands and designs. The canvas is imagination- concentrate on clients that seek innovation. The paint is MediumFour – be free flowing, vibrant and adaptive. The masterpiece our clients – the only way we grow are the results of our clients’ success. #DreamInColor

Trust, Forward, Thinking • MediumFour

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  • 01 IDEA

    You come to us with an idea. We listen. You become our client. That simple!

  • 02 CREATE

    We create your idea. (Logo, Website, App, Collateral Material.) Amazing. Right?

  • 03 DEVELOP

    We develop strategies to help brand your idea to the world. Look at you now!

  • 04 RESULTS

    Your idea becomes visible and that translates to sales, money! Then, repeat!