By Charisse Lillie, Vice President, Community Investment, Comcast Corporation, and President, Comcast Foundation in Diversity The issue of increasing diversity in the tech arena has garnered a lot of attention lately and is an area in which we have been fully engaged for the past five years. If we are going to be successful in closing racial disparities in the Tech Sector, it will take real and sustained partnerships in minority communities throughout the United States. At Comcast NBCUniversal, we have worked hard to create many such partnerships, including a significant partnership with the National Urban League (NUL), which held its Annual Conference in Florida last week.

Small businesses are often guilty of neglecting or rushing their website design in order to get it running as soon as possible. But the fact is – a wrong website design with substandard images and cluttered navigation can easily drive a lot of your customers away, leading to losses of thousands of dollars in terms of potential revenue.