When business owners embark on the design process, they may commission a logo, but what they’re really seeking is a brand. Because the brand—not the logo—is what consumers will interact and fall in love with and the reason they’ll stick around. One irony of design—the role of which is to make everyday experiences easier and more intuitive—is the lack of clarity in terminology. Design-speak can get fuzzy. So what exactly does it mean for a business to commission a logo, brand or brand identity?

How do you over extend your budget or an estimate from an agency - by M.W.Hall of MediumFour Our proposals of time are based estimates. Overage of hours can occur from a multitude of things. The primary examples from the last 2 years of intense web & package development Customer not sending over finalized text and requesting text updates. The proposal clearly states to send final text in a Microsoft Word Document with a web tree to make sure the content is on the correct pages.