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October 28, 2011

The only way you will fail is by not trying. If you keep trying, you are never failing you are just making a continued effort for success. -mediumfourwordthoughts

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MediumFour Managing Partner featured in the cover story of Entrepreneur Magazine’s quarterly Startup issue

October 26, 2011

Managing Partner, Michael Hall was featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine’s quarterly Startup issue. The chance to show a voice to the passion behind the creative energy of MediumFour. Look forward to  more exciting news in the next few months!

Check out the entire article 

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MediumFour Blue

October 7, 2011

As a designer, its always the little things.  Click on the image to learn about the MediumFour Blue and how you can own a colour.  Click the arrow below to visit the site. (That color is the MediumFour Blue)

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What pressing challenges is your industry facing?

August 31, 2011

I would say the biggest overall battle of all businesses right now is the price of competition for service. The service industry is suffering because someone is always willing to do the same thing cheaper, but it doesn’t assure you they will do it better.  In the field or marketing and graphic design, there is always someone that is just starting, has recently got a copy of Photoshop or they just did some marketing for their children’s school play. With any compliment or ounce of success they automatically feel they are now a professional.  The industry is so large and watered down the beauty of the talent is being lost. More people look at how simple or quick a process can be, but have no respect for the years of talent, research and exposure that goes into being  great graphic designer or marketing guru.

Design, specifically, no one wants to pay for custom websites. I would say out of the last 10 websites we have designed, they are all template based sites.  Simply, no one wants to spend the money to stand out or be creative, they just want to follow the trend of having their site look like someone else. Its quick money for us, but at times it can be depressing because you are no longer being creative.  Then you have the logo competition sites, where the logo has no research, personality, meaning or anything deeper beyond a generic image and some text. Its hard to compete with a company doing logos for $250 when you are use to doing logos for $1,500 to $5,000 because of the time and research that goes into them, before they are even designed..

Social Media marketing is impeding on true marketing talents, because there are very limited measurable results with social media marketing, besides that a lot of people are on it. No large company has been able to say that their numbers or company bottomline has been able to increase by social media marketing. So now companies have to implement it and make it a part of their marketing strategy rather its working or not. This leads to $5,000 – $150,000 of a budget to be cut from something that isn’t proven to work.

Technology has surely made things easier and quicker but it hasn’t just given millions an absurd amount of talent.  Its kind of how I feel about steroids in baseball, it may make you stronger but even if I took steroids I would never hit as many homeruns as Barry Bonds, there is a certain amount of talent in front of this iMac, not just cause I have an Apple I became a good designer.

Michael Hall
MediumFour, LLC

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