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MediumFour at Jazz in the Gardens

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

A week later and we are still reflecting on the wonderful time we had at the 5th Annual Jazz in the Gardens. People came from all over the country to see their favorite artists, whether it be Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, or John Legend. Sponsors of Jazz in the Gardens took sponsorship to a whole new level this year. They provided special promotions, offers, and giveaways to all attendees as a special thank you for coming to the music festival. This would not have been possible without the collaboration of EAR Group and our own beloved MediumFour. EAR Group provided the marketing tools necessary for sponsors to shower attendees with thank you gifts for up to six months after the event, and we designed the marketing materials that correspond with the sponsor giveaways.

First, days of endless music and entertainment. Now, months of endless gifts. Can’t wait to see what the Jazz in the Gardens has in store for us next year!

Jazz In The Gardens Rewards Card

Jazz in the Gardens Rewards Card

The numbers are crazy.

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Making The Band

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

As a company that specializes in brand development, we tend to work with startup companies looking to define themselves in different markets.
However, we understand that who you are behind closed doors is just as important as your public image.

Below is a small piece of valuable advice we came across in Ad Age today that speaks to startup companies.

Think like a band. A company isn’t a building; it’s made of people. It’s so important to work with people you care about and who share your values. A new company is a lot like a band. Play your instrument, carry your own equipment and always make sure the entire band sounds great. Got a free hand? Carry the drummer’s snare.

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You Know You Need a New Website When…

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

1. You have to wait two light years and a decade just for the home page to load.

2. Finding the contact us section is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

3. Navigating through your website is harder than sailing the Pacific.

4. Users have a better chance of winning the lottery than the links on your site actually working.

5. People are more confused about your services after they leave your site than before they visited your site.

If you’re reading this list, and any of it pertains to your website, then you know you are wrong. But no worries, just time for an upgrade : )

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5 Ways to Spark Creativity

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Just something I came across this morning that I thought may interest you.


1. Generate a boatload of ideas – If you haven´t had any it may because you haven´t had enough ideas yet.

2. Take a trip outside your personal bubble – If you just have the same input every day it may be hard to come up with many new ideas. Meet new people, read a book about something you don´t know anything about, take up a new hobby, listen to music you normally never listen to. Do something different and get some new input into your mind.

3. Criticize later –  Just let ideas flow out, don´t try to censor yourself or worry about how silly the ideas may be. It’s important to keep an atmosphere of openness when trying to generate ideas and being creative. You can sort the ideas later and determine which ones may be of best use.

4. See yourself as a creative person – Everyone is creative. Not everyone thinks they are. If you do not see yourself as a creative person this can seriously limit your creativity, stop the flow of ideas, and make you not believe in the ideas that do surface no matter how good they are.

5. Relax and play – This is very useful and a great use of your time. Go out and do something with your friends or family and just relax and have a lot of fun. Doing this for a day or an evening can recharge not only your creativity but also your motivation and general sense of well-being for days or weeks to come. Working non-stop and never playing will not.

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