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The end of a relationship

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

PSA: While it was a good ride, I tried my best to stick beside you. Our relationship lasted for almost 6 years, but we just couldn’t come to an understanding. I wanted more, faster and to develop our relationship. You you took your time and was too complex and I know I have been cheating on you. But your skin so bold, your curves spoke to me. But I have to leave you.

I hate to do this here, yet I am sure the father of my new lady would be proud to read this. Sleek, fast, inspirational, motivational and fits into the family that I have already developed. Rather its at work, at home or travel, finally my new lady will fit in. As you know, iMac and even on a bad day, iPad and chill, but no matter what I have always been a Mac Pro, so Ms. Blackberry, i have no choice but to let you go. So as these last couple of days to BACK you up and to share these moments with you. I have to complete my family and get the iPhone, so for that I have to say bye to you.

The end of the Blackberry love. I can’t defend you anymore. Your app store is horrible, the only featured I loved, your BBM has even been freezing up. I will start my new relationship this week as now everything in my life will be in Sync. This is the end to my friend, Ms Blackberry, I hope that your PLAYbook suits you and is everything the iPad already is.

introducing my iM4 aka iPhone4 to MediumFour

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