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M4 Spotlight: NLPG Images

Monday, August 1st, 2011

1. What is the name of your company?
Our Company goes by the name NLPGimages (Night Life Photo Guys) soon to change to (Next Level Photography Group)

2.  In four words, how would you describe your company?
Entertaining, Professional, Competitive and Qualified.

3. How many years have you been in business?
We have been in business 5 Years

4.  What motivated you to start this company?
I met my partner Sozufe “Dread” Adeleri through a mutual friend and they were already taking pictures and selling them in the club. I was doing something similar to what they were doing and joined the team. I noticed something was missing and helped incorporate the company. The motivation to incorporate the company was that I had seen a bigger picture than just clubs and I had seen a way to teach and help others become Entrepreneurs through photography.

5.  Why did you turn to MediumFour for your branding/marketing needs?
I met Michael and Dante through a mutual friend that was utilizing MediumFour services for graphics and web designing. The work was professional and clean, they had great ideas that could be implemented into our work flow. It only made since to work with them on branding/marketing new projects.

6. What are four ways in which your company has grown?
We have increased website visualization each year of our existence. Our Logo has become a highly noticeable brand in past couple of years. We have been able to start securing government contracted jobs. We have added a professional state of the art photography studio in the last year.

7.  How would you describe your experience with MediumFour?
I would describe my experience with MediumFour as professional, educational, and more of a family atmosphere. I have a high respect for the their work ethic and creativity.

8.  In four words, how would you describe MediumFour?
I would describe MediumFour as creative, clean, professional, and marketing guru’s that have always been ahead of their time.

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M4 Spotlight: Young Elected Officials Network

Friday, July 8th, 2011

1. What is the name of your organization?

Young Elected Officials Network

2. How would you describe your organization?

We are a program of People for the American Way Foundation. Going by our mission statement, we focus on young elected officials under the age of 35 from all around the country that are looking to bring the values of freedom, fairness and opportunity to their communities.

In my own words, I see YEO as a safe-haven for young elected leaders to share with each other, get policy support and receive the encouragement they need to go back to their communities to fight the good fight.

3. How many years has your organization been established?

We just had our 6th national convening and have 650 members. Our very first convening, when we were established, was in January 2005 with only 65 members.

4. Why did you choose to work for your organization?

I actually started at People for the American Way Foundation (PFAWF) itself. I was there for almost a year when I volunteered at the first Young Elected Officials (YEO) national convening. After that experience, I went to the then program director of PFAWF, Sharon Lettman, and the director of the YEO Network, Andrew Gillum, and asked what I could do to continue to volunteer for the program. I found the YEO’s to be very inspiring and I wanted to be a part of it. After a few months, I was hired. The young elected officials are extremely admirable and if I can help them, then it’s worth it.

5. Why did you use MediumFour?

For this year’s convening we wanted a new look, and we really needed something that was different than what was used to in the past because we were starting to look dated. It was a little too much “elected officials” and not enough “young”; we were forgetting the young part of Young Elected Officials. After seeing Michael’s work, I liked what he could do. While talking to him, he picked up on what we were looking for and the “freshness” we wanted to add. I knew we were trained by the same people, had the same work ethic and they [MediumFour] would get the work done well and wouldn’t stop until it was finished. We needed the image to be a mix, not catering entirely to an old-fashioned look, but also not too young looking because it is still representing elected officials. They knew how to do that, they figured it out and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.

6. In what ways has your organization changed?

The look Michael gave us for the Convening, with the use of fonts, gave us a lot of freedom to be more creative. I was able to use the elements he designed for us in other ways because they were so simple and clean. The clean, crisp look also helped energize our material and because we went with a different color scheme it was noticeable and it gave us a different liveliness. We were able to do things with our designs that we had never done before because Michael specifically changed the look for our entire conference. For the first time ever, we didn’t do the typical red, white and blue event; even the lighting for the evening reception was in purple!

7. How was MediumFour compatible with your needs?

They understood what we needed and were flexible enough to work with us because we have bizarre deadlines – fast turnarounds, last minute changes and odd requests. It’s not easy for designers to deal with people who think they are designers too, and they were patient with me. As an internal team, we brainstormed before even approaching MediumFour, coming up with color ideas, words, needs etc. Our goal was to help them and to convey our ideas so they wouldn’t start with a blank canvas. They were very patient with us and the feedback we gave them.
8. What four things stand out in your mind from working with MediumFour?

Professional, amazingly accurate on their deadlines, patient and willing to teach. Their willingness to teach was in and of itself the most valuable to me because they didn’t just design and say “take it or leave it”, they explained why they chose certain things and the decisions behind design choices. This helped me to better understand and then pitch it to the decision-makers accordingly. Personally, it was also a great learning experience for a design-geek like me.

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M4 Spotlight: Southern Girl Desserts

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

A little something new from MediumFour. Its time to go back and get opinions from our previous clients. Plus these are companies we are proud of to see their success. For the first interview, we have Catarah from Southern Girl Desserts.

What is the name of your company?
Southern Girl Desserts

In four words, how would you describe your company?
“Hospitality served with icing” because we are a dessert company, but we’re Southern. We specialize in only Southern inspired desserts.

How many years have you been in business?
Four (Editorial note: How awesome is that for timing)

What motivated you to start this company?
Being that I was in Los Angeles, but from Florida, I felt disconnected from the desserts I was used to. My family, friends and everything was back in Florida, and I would get cravings but could never find the quality of Southern desserts I was used to being from the South. So I started making it for myself, friends and parties, and I began to get lots of requests. It became a little overwhelming, and so I decided to start the company.

Why did you turn to MediumFour for your branding/marketing needs?
I had a web site that was really great for the beginning of the company, but as it was growing [Southern Girl Desserts] I needed to incorporate a more customer friendly web site so they could go and purchase items and have the site updated. It was a bit outdated too [from 2007] and didn’t serve the interactivity I needed.

What are four ways in which your company has grown?
Visibility, we’re now able to ship nationally, accept payment through our Web site and have an expanded menu.

How would you describe your experience with MediumFour?
It was a designing experience. They knew a lot of things we didn’t because they are in the Web site business. They knew what to do visually. I learned from them different marketing necessities, which is unusual because I’ve worked with other professionals that don’t share those details – MediumFour was very open with the information and the process, helped me to understand what they were doing and they would explain why they would do something. I loved the communication that existed in building the Web site

In four words, how would you describe MediumFour?
“Brink of doing genius” – because not only are they good at just the internet, but they are talented beyond their years when it comes to marketing. Getting the word out for your company, design, they have an eye, a talent, and I don’t know anyone else who has a talent like that. They are marketing geniuses. They also designed our logo and it was just perfect.

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Not My Attorney – Bruce Turkel

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

via Marlon Hill delancyhill, MY ATTORNEY

Not My Attorney

During the last days of 2010 Barack Obama changed Federal tax law. In a stunning political role reversal, Republicans supported the President’s package while Democrats opposed it.

You might remember that the President’s deal included a renewal of expiring jobless benefits and a one-year cut in Social Security taxes paid by workers. It also extended the Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels.

Don’t worry; this blog post is not going to devolve into a political screed. Instead, I want to tell you about what happened when a client of ours – a billionaire several times over – learned about the changes.

Because Bush’s tax cuts had been scheduled to expire, our client’s financial advisors had planned certain activities to protect as much of his income as possible. Now, with an unexpected change on the horizon, he called his accountant to find out what they were going to do in the last week of 2010 to change the now irrelevant strategy.

The accountant called our client back the next day and explained that under the circumstances there wasn’t much he could do. First of all, a billionaire’s taxes are way too complex to quickly alter and secondly, even if they wanted to make changes, most of the accountant’s staff had already left for the Christmas holiday. In fact, the accountant himself was on his way out to a ski trip with his family, and was really calling to wish his client happy holidays. His suggestion was that they’d go with their current strategy for now and then make some changes in 2011.

Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with our client. He started calling his friends for recommendations of accountants that they were happy with and was given a few leads. One of the referrals returned his call immediately and told our client that when she heard about the potential of the President’s plans to change tax law she cancelled all staff vacations and had her people standing by. They were ready, willing, and able to tackle the assignment.

You know how the story ends. Our client moved his tax work to the new firm and was so happy with their response that he eventually moved all of his accounting to them. His old accountant returned from his vacation to find that he had lost his largest client.

When I asked my client if he wanted to add anything to this story for my blog, he said that he learned everything he knows about customer service from Woody Allen.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

“But what about quality?” I asked.

According to my client, all premier accounting firms should be able to do the work – their professional capability was not in question. Instead, it’s their ability and willingness to get the work done that mattered. Or, as we’ve said so many times before in this blog, “They don’t buy what you do. They buy who you are.”

Another great client of mine, not quite a billionaire yet but well on his way, had another similar story.

He was in the process of interviewing attorneys for a new project. I asked him how he determines if they’re good or not.

“We’ve already done the due diligence and checked their professional prowess,” he answered. “At this point I assume they can all do the work, otherwise I wouldn’t be considering them in the first place.

“If I leave them a voice mail message and they call me within the hour, then they’re a great attorney. If I leave them a message and they call me by the end of the day then they’re a good attorney.”

“And what if they don’t call you back until the next day?” I asked.

“Then they’re not my attorney.”

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