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Viral Boot Camp: Day 4

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Data Management

Data Management

Last day! We must admit, your dedication and commitment this week has been commendable.

Let’s finish the camp by talking about data management.

Not only is your website a great place for customers to learn about your company, but it is a great place for you to learn about your customers. Data collection is pertinent to understanding who your consumers are and how to target them. Offer a web form for visitors to complete so that you may follow up with them to provide more information.  Don’t worry about the possibility of your follow-up phone call being unwanted. If you put the web form on the contact us page, then more than likely the visitor wanted to communicate with you anyway. A web form in collaboration with a data management system such as Rolodash is a great and easy way to organize client information. As soon as potential clients submit information to your online web form, Rolodash will convert it to a client database that you may access on your desktop as well.

Rolodash can be purchased through MediumFour Intelligence + Solutions.

This completes the last session of MediumFour’s viral boot camp.

We hope the boot camp has helped you understand the essentials of any website website (branding and information), as well as why creating a website may be beneficial to your company.

Now take the weekend to apply what you’ve learned to making the blue print for your website. Then give us a call on Monday, and we will gladly expand on your blue print and make your dream website a reality.

Great work this week. Talk to you soon!

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