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The Vault

Through 10 years you can acquire a lot of work and not always able to find a category or a proper place to store.  The M4 Vault is a list of previous brands and websites developed by MediumFour.  The vault carries from completed projects to experiential marketing. Some of the clients have sunset, but the sites may still remain.

Brands by M4

You may have to Google to find the brands, but hey, we did them 🙂


Alix Desulme & Associates

All Purpose Management

Amilya – Brand Design

Berger Singerman

Charles Johnson – Catch This*

Coastal Healthcare

DeSoto SolJazz Festival

Integrity HCM

Funk Fest

Four Paws Dog Retreat

Florida College Express

Gary Guyton / Give 2 Grow

Gemstone Management and Consulting

Greek Allure

Green Chandelier

Heir Studio Salon – Branding (Press)

Hush Bistro – Branding

Ily Beauty Products


Jayvon Copeland – Taxes in the Gardens / My Taxologist / Traffic and Taxes

Justice TM – Justice for Trayvon Martin – Branding*

KRS Wealth Management

Luke Records (Uncle Luke Records) – Logo*

Lyons Sports


MBBurger Bar

Medina Building Products

Million Air Club

Mind and Media

Mount Olive Church

Pathway Retreat

Phoenix Concessions


Polished CoconutBranding*

NBMOA 40th


Saint Jour, Hogan & Cagle

SenLex Environmental

Shire Gate Farm

Spice Crafters Garlic*

Supreme Managed

Take Charge

Ted Lucas Foundation

TresBien Consulting Group

The Resource Room

UNT Kids


WorkOut Hut

Wyche Wedding

YEO Network


Unity Impact Network

Veneration Artist Management

Vision Phase